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book launch | salon 

  • A Culture's Catalyst Book Launch. The May 13 celebration in Toronto
    of Wild Sage Press author Fannie Kahan's recently published book A Culture's Catalyst: Historical Encounters with Peyote and the Native American Church in Canada was an energy-filled afternoon of excellent discussions by guests Erika Dyck (Canada Research Chair in History of Medicine) & Meldon Kahan (medical director of the Women’s College Hospital’s Substance Use Service) on peyote’s role as a historical flashpoint for the struggle for Indigenous legal, political, and religious rights, and peyote’s current potential for healing. The question and answer period was further illuminating and the room was abuzz after as everyone mingled and visited. 

left: Guest presenters 
Erika Dyck and Meldon Kahan at Trinity St. Paul's Centre answering 
questions (photo courtesy of Guy Ewing)

       right: more of the audience

below left: Erika (editor of
A Culture's Catalyst) and Patrick
(indexer). below right: WSP editor Barbara and granddaughter introducing the launch.












  • Moving on: saying farewell to people and places - salon and sale. Wild Sage  Press's fifth annual salon and sale, co-sponsored with Connaught Branch of Regina Public Library, was hugely enjoyed by the over 20 people who attended. Highlights were Brenda Niskala reading from the just released short story collection Wanderlust, Bruce Rice reading new never-before-read-to-an-audience poems from his poetry collection about photographer Vivan Maier, Heather Peat Hamm singing a song from Blue Grama, and Wendy Winter giving a walking tour of her new art. Audience members as always were very reflective with many conversationally stimulating observations. Below from left: Bruce, Heather, Wendy commenting on her art, and Brenda. 



Below left, WSP publisher Barbara Kahan at book table (photo courtesy of Stewart Klyne, SK Books, Regina).

 Above right, below left and right: Wendy's art.



  • Four Friends Christmas Artisan Sale. On November 18 and 19 Goldeye and Funnyfin illustrator Sharon Kahan joined three of her friends for this happy event. Art, books and cards were sold! 
  • Canadian Authors for Indies Day. Wild Sage authors Bruce Rice and Heather Peat Hamm joined Bev Lundahl, Alison Lohans, Annette Bower, Alexandra Popoff, and Lisa Guenther, and musician Ken Hamm, at the readings/performances at SK Books & Collectibles in Regina on April 30. Watch the video!
  • We’re Already Home reading. The PVSS Drama Club hosted a fund raising play reading evening in support of the community's refugee project on April 22 in Armstrong, BC. After presenting a short reading of the play earlier in the school year the club decided they wanted to do a longer version in the spring. There has been a lot of valuable conversation about the Muslim and First Nations' cultures and religions as it relates to this play during rehearsals. Actors were: Megan McKinlay as Sila, Adam Winship as Jacob, Riley Woodin as Ali, Keira Millin as Aisha, Hannah Mellaart as Ruth, Josh Hanson as Roy and Sarah Weaver as Violet. 
  • Kids’ Books Fun Time.  On April 10, at Beth Jacob Synagogue, Steve Wolfson read Elephants at the Airport, Bruce Rice read Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle, Sharon Kahan read excerpts from Goldeye and Funnyfin, Barbara Kahan read kid-friendly bits from the memoir Tending the Tree of Life, and Wendy Winter led a children's activity. Everything worked out well and everyone had a good time! This event was co-sponsored by Wild Sage Press and Beth Jacob Synagogue. 










From left to right: Goldeye and Funnyfin illustrator Sharon Kahan and WSP voluneer Lisa Brownstone; Elephants at the Airport author Steve Wolfson; Dorothy McMoogle and Tending the Tree of Life illustrator Wendy Winter with kids at activity table. Also visit the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery, the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery, and the Tending the Tree of Life photo gallery to see more photos.

  • Blue Grama in Ontario. Blue Grama author Heather Peat Hamm read and performed in Ontario March 25 (in Newmarket) and March 26 (King City). Her art was on display.  Visit the Blue Grama Photo Gallery to see photos.
  • Blue Grama and other art. January 23 to March 14, Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy displayed original illustrations from Blue Grama and other art by Heather Peat Hamm. 
  • We're Already Home. We're Already Home co-author Lorna Tureski writes: On Feb. 7, in Armstrong, BC, the local refugee sponsor group held a community meeting with the imam of the Vernon mosque as the guest speaker. Armstrong is sponsoring a refugee family and, as we are not aware of any practising Muslims in our community, thought it would be a good idea to offer some information on Islam! I set the committee up with William and Sana, the young couple that were so instrumental as advisors to the writing of We're Already Home.
         I had given a copy of We're Already Home to the head of the committee (a retired teacher), and he passed it on to the high school drama teacher. To my surprise the drama class prepared a reading of three scenes from the play as an opener to the public talk. I gave a brief intro, giving context for the Interfaith Project's involvement, etc. 
         The students did a great reading which the audience enjoyed. I think it was a gentle way to open the talk with the imam, as he presents quite an interesting figure with his traditional dress, beard, etc. Though he is young and wears sneakers under his robe...
         The drama teacher said the kids were quite excited about the reading and were interested in doing a longer production, perhaps as a fundraiser for the local refugee project. I'll be meeting with the drama teacher soon to discuss this possibility. 
         I gave each reader a copy of the play as a thank you and to encourage them to carry on with their idea. Click here to see more details about the event, and visit the We're Already Home photo gallery to see a couple of photos.
  • Blue Grama. Heather Peat Hamm opened the second set at a Ken Hamm concert on January 23 at Jocelyn's Fine Art Gallery in Esterhazy. See photos in the Blue Grama photo gallery.



Blue Grama TourSalon & SaleBooks and Art | Vertigo - Kahan | CVAF | Vertigo - Peat Hamm | Stegner House Dinner | launch

  • Drive-By Reading Tour
    Blue Grama author Heather Peat Hamm joined musician Ken Hamm on stage at various venues in Alberta and BC. And a great time was had by all! And many books were sold!
  • Remembering: in words and brush strokes 
    Wild Sage Press's fourth annual salon and sale was held November 8, 2015, at Connaught Library in Regina. It was a deeply satisfying afternoon with Wendy Winter's art to delight the eye, Wild Sage's books and other delights on display, and an amazing group of people who gathered to discuss how remembering influences literary and visual art. Everyone was very engaged in the conversation, which was rich in intriguing insights, meaningful commentary, and questions to ponder on. Brenda Niskala read from her poetry book How to Be a RiverWendy Winter talked about her art, and Barbara Kahan read from her father Irwin Kahan's memoir Tending the Tree of Life











Above: cut-out of Connaught Library. Right: WSP display board.
Below: the conversationalists, including the youngest member of the group! Note the book-happy carpet. And of course, the books and other delights and Wendy's art...






























































  • Books and Art
    On August 29 at the Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts in Fort Qu'Appelle, Wild Sage Press authors, artists and publisher had a great time with an attentive audience. Despite competing events, the room was packed. Artist Wendy Winter (illustrator of Dorothy McMoogle with Kumqut and Bugle and Tending the Tree of Life, and creator of many other fabulous works of art, including the painting to the left), had a selection of her work on display and talked about her art. Bruce Rice read Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle and read a poem from his award-winning book The Trouble with Beauty. Heather Peat Hamm read from Blue Grama, and had some of her art work on display as well. Brenda Niskala read from How to Be a River, and Barbara Kahan read from Goldeye and Funnyfin and Tending the Tree of Life. After, everyone enjoyed visiting and sampling the treats provided by Janet Stoody (plums from her own tree and butter tarts). Thanks go to: Janet for her donation of refreshments and flowers, and helping to organize the event; the Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts for their assistance; Lisa Brownstone and Evan Morris for helping with the book table and setting and up and taking down the book display; Creative Saskatchewan for covering some of the costs; Wendy, Bruce, Heather and Brenda for being the heart and soul of the event; and of course to the enthusiastic audience members, without whom there would not have been an event! See the poster! Photos below. For more photos, visit 
    the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery, the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery, the Blue Grama photo gallery, and the How to Be a River photo gallery. Also, read the article "Wild Sage Reading Draws Crowd" by Robyn Tocker in the Fort Times (scroll down to 2nd story on page).










Artist Wendy Winter (above and right) with her art and 
accordian book. Below left, Lisa Brownstone and Evan Morris
volunteering at book table. 










 Left: ad that appeared in the Fort Qu'Appelle Times about the event.

Above right: Janet Stoody with the flowers she brought to brighten up the room. 


Below: the audience.  










  • The Vertigo Series - Tending the Tree of Life
    Publisher Barbara Kahan read from Irwin Kahan's  memoir Tending the Tree of Life. Musicians Flo Meunier and Troy Bleich and poets Cassidy McFadzean and Lorna Crozier were fabulous. It was a standing-room only event and huge fun. See more photos at Shelley Banks' Latitude Drifts and read Devin Pacholik's take on the evening
  • Cathedral Village Arts Festival Get Lit Cabaret - Blue Grama
    Heather Peat Hamm read some of her poems and sang some of her songs from Blue Grama on May 21 at the Artesian in Regina. As usual, her introductions were also very enjoyable!
  • Tending the Tree of Life launch
    The memoir Tending the Tree of Life, by Irwin Kahan,was launched March 2 at Pine Villa retirement residence in Toronto, where the author lives. About 30 people attended. The author's daughter, Sharon Kahan, read a selection from the book. Afterwards, Irwin commented, "Today was a joyful day."
  • 28th Annual Stegner House Dinner - Eastend, SK
    Heather Peat Hamm read from her book Blue Grama on February 28 at Eastend Memorial Hall. 
  • The Vertigo Series - Regina
    Heather Peat Hamm read from her book Blue Grama on February 9 at Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar. It was a truly memorable evening, with wonderful music by Folk Sanctuary and fabulous readings, not only by Heather, but by P.J. Worrell, Michael Kenyon, and Jane Munro. See more about the performers. For a photo of Heather at the Vertigo event, visit the Blue Grama photo gallery.



Words, Music & ArtVernon launch | CBC radio interview | Blue Grama | Regina launch 
children's program | lunch hour in the park | tv interview | radio interview | arts festival 
school program | book signing | reading & jamming | Vertigo Series | Bruce Rice Interview

  • Words, Music & Art - Regina
    Everyone enjoyed the laid-back afternoon with Blue Grama author and illustrator Heather Peat Hamm and Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle artist Wendy Winter on December 6 at Connaught Library (Regina). The conversations were fascinating, e.g. Heather talked about the difference between writing poetry and writing songs, and Wendy talked about a series of paintings on the theme of loneliness and aloneness and the difference between the two. There was a lot of audience participation as the conversation moved from one topic to another, somewhat like a literary salon! As an added bonus, Heather sang some of her songs from Blue Grama, and Wendy showed us some of her paintings, some completed and some in progress - including one for the forthcoming memoir Tending the Tree of Life



























  • We're Already Home Launch - Vernon BC
    On November 22, 70 people showed up at the Japanese Cultural Centre to meet all three authors (Terry Jordan, Lorna Tureski and Arnie Hayashi), watch a scene performed from the play (actors and drummers), and buy books
    The launch was co-sponsored by the Vernon Buddhist Temple and the Vernon Immigrant Services Society. See photos at the We're Already Home photo gallery.
  • We're Already Home interview
    Sana Mohammed, one of the consultants for We're Already Home, was interviewed about the play on November 14 on CBC Radio. It was a great interview!
  • Blue Grama performances
    Author Heather Peat Hamm read poems and sang songs from her gorgeously illustrated book Blue Grama in Winnipeg (November 4 at McNally Robinson Booksellers), Forget, SK (November 6 at the Happy Nun Cafe), Saskatoon (November 13 at McNally Robinson Booksellers), Stoughton, SK (November 19, Stoughton Branch Library), Carlyle SK (November 20, Michael's Coffee Shop & Bakery), and Lantzville BC (Dec. 3). Heather's post about the Lantzville event: "SUCH a special launch last night hosted by Bill and Donna Konsorado - complete with champagne toast, dark chocolate and raspberries and wonderful old friends and new friends alike. Big thank you to Donna and Bill, my brother Geoff Peat and all who came to celebrate! See photos in the Blue Grama photo gallery
  • Wild Sage Press Fall Launch - Regina 
    On November 2, Regina Public Library, Connaught Branch, and Wild Sage Press co-hosted the launch of two new titles from Wild Sage: Blue Grama by Heather Peat Hamm and We're Already Home by Terry Jordan, Lorna Tureski and Arnie Hayashi. The room was filled to capacity, and full of happy energy. Heather read some of her Blue Grama poems and sang one of her Blue Grama songs, and showed us glimpses of her gorgeous botanical illustrations. The audience then watched Nathan Coppens, Emily Kutarna and Lorna Tureski doing a dramatic reading of one of the scenes from 
    We're Already Home. Afterwards there was a lot of visiting and enjoyment of A La Carte goodies. See photos below, in the Blue Grama photo gallery, and in the We're Already Home photo gallery














  • Children's Program
    Author Bruce Rice read Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle and publisher Barbara Kahan read a couple of chapters from Goldeye and Funnyfin to a group of enthusiastic children (and a few parents) at Moose Jaw Public Library on September 20. The carpet was suitably "fishy" for the Goldeye and Funnyfin tales (tails?!). Bruce Rice also told one of his unpublished children's stories which featured a harmonica solo. The conversation with the children, which ranged from what is a kumquat to what kind of underwater creature we'd like to be was fun. See more photos in the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery.

  • Words in the Park  
    The lunch hour of children's literature on August 20 in Victoria Park wasn't dampened by the rain! 
    The daycare kids and the adults who attended had a good time watching Connaught Library's Goldeye and Funnyfin puppet show, participating in the shark song and other activities with Connaught's Kaiti and Diana, hearing Bruce Rice read Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle, having a taste of the kumquat jam and crackers that Bruce brought along, and hearing publisher Barbara Kahan read from Goldeye and Funnyfin. Author Anne Lazurko did a lovely job of hosting, and the Saskatchewan Writers Guild's Caelan Reilly (who organized the event) and Corey Wilkinson were on hand to assist, as was Jaime Traynor who helped with transport and set-up of the display. The event was a partnership between  the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Connaught Branch Library and Wild Sage Press. It was part of the Guild's Words in the Park summer series. Below are some photos from the event. Visit the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery and the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery for more photos.






























  • CTV Morning Show
    Bruce Rice was interviewed about Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle on August 19.  
  • Words on Air
    Host Jeanne Alexander interviewed forthcoming Blue Grama author Heather Peat Ham on  July 23, on CJTR radio 91.3 FM. 
  • Cathedral Village Arts Festival 
    Wild Sage Press books, along wiith other publishers' books, were displayed at the SaskBooks display at the annual Cathedral Village Arts Festival in Regina on May 24. Photo below is of Jessica Bickford, who did a great job of looking after the booth. 

  • School program
    On March 18 in Regina, Connaught School students from kindergarten to grade 3 participated in a book launch just for them. Regina Pubic Library's Connaught Branch performed its fabulous Goldeye and Funnyfin puppet show, author Bruce Rice gave a lively reading of Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle, and illustrator Wendy Winter answered a few questions. Connaught School student Kaira, the model for Dorothy McMoogle, also answered one of the questions. Teacher Molly Moss hosted; the warm rapport between her and the students was very obvious. Molly's cookies were enjoyed by all. 

About the event, Connaught Library puppeteer Diana Cook wrote,
...the book launch at Connaught school impressed me very much. I feel that as long as there are people out there, telling stories, and furthermore, telling and showing children that they, too, can draw and tell their own stories, we have nothing to fear in terms of the disappearance of the real book. I use e-books on occasion and I suspect that reference ebooks would be handy, but there is nothing like the tactile sensation of handling a real book. I thought the presentation was well done and easily inclusive for the children... We were happy to do our small part with our puppet show, but you folks are the real stars. 

Photos below were taken by David Rosenbluth. Visit the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery and the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery for more photos.









  • Book signing
    Author Bruce Rice signed copies of his children's book Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle on March 15 at McNally Robinson Books in Saskatoon.

















  • An Evening with Bruce Rice and Dave Carpenter 
    A fun time was had by big kids and little kids on March 15 at d’Lish by Tish Café in Saskatoon. Lots of people came to hear the story-in-rhyme of Dorothy McMoogle who loves kumquats & her bugle, as well as the h
    armonica and banjo jamming.

























Vertigo Series

On January 20 at Crave Kitchen in Regina a filled to capacity audience heard the music of Anna Ray, including some of her wonderful original compositions; Wild Sage publisher Barbara Kahan channelling her inner actor as she read a couple of stories from  Goldeye and Funnyfin; Bruce Rice reading Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle and selected poems for adults, and displaying an unknown side to him, that of harmonica player; and Garry Thomas Morse giving a fabulously dynamic reading of some of his This event was part of the Vertigo Series. The event was organized and warmly hosted by Tara Dawn Solheim. Visit the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery and the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery for photos. 

Bruce Rice Interview

On January 8th, CJTR radio Words on Air host Jeanne Alexander interviewed Bruce Rice, author of Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle

2013 Events

Words & Art | Dorothy McMoogle Reading | Regina launch | Toronto launch more 

Words & Art

The afternoon of browsing and conversation - on December 14 at Connaught Library went well! Everyone enjoyed the discussions with Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle author Bruce Rice, editor Brenda Niskala, and illustrator Wendy Winter about words and art. A highlight was the display of powerful new work by Wendy Winter. Some books and art cards were bought, people visited, and all was well!



Bruce Rice Reading

On December 3,  Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle author Bruce Rice (who has a fifth poetry collection forthcoming from Coteau Books in 2014) read with his cousins Lynda Monahan (Lynda has a third poetry collection forthcoming from Guernica in 2015) and Beth Gobeil (who has her first collection forthcoming from Hagios Press in 2015) at John M. Cuelenaere Library in Prince Albert. See a photo in the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery and read the Prince Albert Herald report. 

Regina launch
On November 3, a standing room only crowd gathered at Connaught Library for the Wild Sage Press launch, co-sponsored with Connaught Branch, Regina Public Library. The Goldeye and Funnyfin puppet show based on the stories author Fannie Kahan told her children, was fabulous - complete with sea shell house, a Goldeye puppet, Funnyfin puppet and Willa the Whale puppet, and a musical introduction and interlude. The reading by Bruce Rice of his story-in-rhyme about Dorothy McMoogle was great fun and clearly had the kids in the audience engaged (and the adults as well!). Wendy Winter displayed some of her illustrations for Dorothy McMoogle. Kaira Barabanoff Lund, the model for the illustrations of Dorothy, was also a delightful presence. A highlight on the refreshment table was the Dorothy McMoogle cake to celebrate Bruce's birthday. See photos below, and for more photos visit Latitude Drifts and the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery and the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery.  















Toronto launch
About 30 enthusiastic people attended the launch on November 2 at Trinity St. Paul's. Publisher Barbara Kahan read Dorothy McMoogle with Kumquat and Bugle (written by Bruce Rice, illustrated by Wendy Winter), and musician and artist Sharon Kahan read a chapter from Goldeye and Funnyfin (written by Fannie Kahan), which she illustrated. After readings of the two books, children enjoyed the wonderful crafts activities organized by Molly Moss and the adults visited. See photos below, and visit the Goldeye and Funnyfin photo gallery and the Dorothy McMoogle photo gallery for more photos.






House Concert
Brenda Niskala provided a poetic interlude with a reading from How to Be a River and some new poetry at a roots and blues concert with acoustic guitarist Ken Hamm on June 20 in Regina. 

Cathedral Village Arts Festival
Brenda Niskala read from How to Be a River as part of the literary lineup at the Regina event on May 23.

Analog Reading
Wild Sage Press's publisher Barbara Kahan read from her poetry chapbook Illuminated Tales of Romance on Feb. 9 at The Analog (Regina), with Coby Stephenson and Devin Pacholik assisting with the multiple voice poems. Coby and Devin also read their own work.

Vertigo Reading
Wild Sage Press's publisher Barbara Kahan read selected poems at the Vertigo Series, January 28 at Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar (Regina). Bruce Rice (editor of How to Be a River) and Brenda Niskala (author of How to Be a River) helped out with the multiple voice poems. Jessica Eissfeldt and Marie Powell read their short stories and Rachel MacDonald performed her music. 

2012 Events
inaugural book launch
| Vertigo reading | Calgary reading | Hawai`i launch | pottery/jewellery/poetry/drumming   poetry & drums

Wild Sage Press's inaugural book launch



The launch, in partnership with Connaught Branch, Regina Public Library, took place on the evening of October 17, 2012 at Connaught Library (13th & Elphinstone, Regina, SK). About 80 people attended. The folk group the Seven Seas started the celebration, followed by Laura Burkhart reading selected poems from Watermarks and Brenda Niskala reading selected poems from How to Be a River. After the readings, everyone enjoyed refreshments, visiting and book buying. For more details, visit Shelley Banks' blog Latitude Drifts and the Wild Sage Press blog entry about the launch.






 Launch photos below by David Rosenbluth.















Photos below by Rosanne Glass.








 For more photos, visit the How to Be a River photo gallery andthe  Watermarks photo gallery.








Vertigo author reading 
Three fine poets took the stage at the Vertigo Reading Series on October 30, 2012 in Regina. Brenda Niskala read from her new poetry book How to Be a River, Nora Gould read from I see my love more clearly from a distance and Barbara Langhorst read from restless white fields. There was also the music of Yana. A wonderful way to spend an evening!

Shelf Life Books author reading
A report from How to Be a River author Brenda Niskala: Coby Stephenson [author of Violet Quesnel] and I braved ice covered roads (Coby driving) to Calgary for our reading at Shelf Life Books in downtown Calgary on November 24th, 2012. The bookstore is a wonderful example of what independent bookstores can be, a must see when in Calgary. The reading was well attended, mostly by Coby's family and friends, and we had a wonderful time reading, discussing, story telling and enjoying the treats provided by the bookstore.

Hawai`i launch


Report from author Laura Burkhart on the Watermarks Hawaiian launch, Nov. 26 at the North Kohala Library: Once again, Wild Sage Press has triumphed! The book launch venue was filled to capacity, standing room only. The Inkwells did great readings and people were very very impressed with Watermarks. And, people want more readings... For photos, visit the Watermarks photo gallery.






People gathered at Connaught Library in Regina for an afternoon of browsing and conversation on December 1. Highlighted were Wild Sage Press books and other delights (limited edition poetry broadsides and print, and fun collector cards), pottery by Anne McLellan, Stonewench handmade jewellery by Maria Hendrika, and Joanne Crofford's Boomtown Drums. Anne described her start as a ceramic artist. Maria Hendrika spoke about her jewellery and Joanne Crofford led a group drumming session. After Brenda Niskala read poems from How to Be a River, poet Bruce Rice spoke about poetry broadside Good in Yellow and then involved the audience in a poetry writing exercise. Bruce also read some of his own poetry. Everyone had a fabulous time! See more photos in the How to Be a River photo gallery.



left: Anne McLellan
right: Maria Hendrika







left: Joanne Crofford & Bruce Rice
right: some of the audience
for the afternoon






left: Devin Pacholik, book reviewer for Regina Global TV
right: Brenda Niskala and Anne Luke reading the poem she composed during the poetry segment of the afternoon


Poetry & Drums
A workshop on "opening the inner poet" with How to Be a River author Brenda Niskala was held December 12th at Boomtown Drums. Participants also enjoyed a "Gentle Djembe" drum session.

Wild Sage Highlights