Standing Room Only at Launch!

Wild Sage Press's inaugural launch on Wednesday evening, co-sponsored with Connaught Branch, Regina Public Library, was a huge success! About 80 people attended - the room was packed. It was one of those special evenings where everything was just right. The energy was high, everyone was smiling, the books looked gorgeous. Connaught Library Staff were wonderful as always, setting up the chairs and providing the refreshments - and were very pleasantly patient with all of us at 9:00 pm closing time when no one wanted to leave because they were having such a good time! 

The folk band Seven Seas started the celebration off with three songs, two of them their own compositions. I was mesmerized; they are very talented musicians and I hope to hear more from them.

As Laura and Brenda read from their newly launched books I kept thinking, "Oh, I'm glad she chose that poem, it's one of my favourites" - and then realized that it wouldn't have mattered what they'd chosen to read, they're all my favourites. The audience was attentive and seemed very appreciative of the fine poetry. I managed to say what I'd planned to say without fainting or otherwise embarrassing myself and enjoyed myself a lot, getting to say hello to people I knew and meeting new people. And enough books sold that by the end of the evening only a quarter of the print run was left. Many compliments were received about the launch. It was a huge amount of work preparing for it, but definitely worth it. Thanks to everyone who helped out and everyone who attended!

Wild Sage Highlights